Dog Sees God

A play by Bert V. Royal

Directed by Nic Belanger and Travis Neese

Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre, fall 2012

Of all my fledgling collegiate efforts, Dog Sees God was my most valuable object lesson in composing music.

The play – a teenaged riff on Charles Schultz's Peanuts comics – was begging for some sort of acknowledgement of Vince Guaraldi's iconic melodies. Indeed, several people, cast and crew, tried pointing me toward pre-existing works written for other productions.

For one, I wanted the challenge of trying something for myself. For another, I wasn't taken with the examples I heard. They all seemed to demand tears. The ending of Dog Sees God is no comedy, but I didn't think of it as sad, per se. Cathartic, more like.

Hence, this wistful tune, saved for the very end.

"Dear CB..."


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