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Dying City


"Under the crisp direction of Elizabeth Lovelady, The Comrades execute well on every front: From Elyse Balogh’s smart, simple set to Patrick O’Brien’s jangly harp interludes to Emma Deane’s low-key lighting."

- Hugh Iglarsh, NewCity Stage

R + J: The Vineyard


"Deafness factors into the atmospheric sounds and the music employed for the production (designed by Patrick O’Brien)...[It's] designed to give us the feel of audial distortions that many deaf individuals experience, adding an additional disorienting layer to confusion and anxiety."


- Sean Margaret Wagner, SPORK!

Bonnie & Clyde


"...Kokandy has laid in the best sound system and mix I’ve ever heard at Theater Wit."

- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
(re: Mike Patrick's design and Patrick's mixing)

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